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Girl, You Need A HOBBY!

Girl, You Need A HOBBY!

You are not just meant to work to pay your bills…

As an elder millennial I am often grouped with GenX as having more in common with them than with the younger millennials coming out of college. Sure, we can reminisce about playing outside until the street lights came on, dial-up internet and waiting eagerly with our hands on play/record to get all of the hot 8 at 8 songs on tape. But the one thing I do not relate to GenX’ers on is their level of  complacency over staying in jobs that do not suit or inspire them. Everyone says millennials jump jobs too frequently because they have this sense of entitlement and expect to be management in 1year. That’s not true.

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The Brutally Honest Truth about your New Year’s Resolution…

Top four resolutions: Increase exercise, Be more conscientious about work or school, Develop better eating habits, Stop smoking, drinking, or using drugs (including caffeine)

Real talk, the last 5 weeks of the year in America are a free for all…booze, food, parties, lack of sleep. Then January 1st hits and we are likely standing at the edge of regret for how we have treated our bodies and our bank accounts since Thanksgiving. Likely contemplating the most uncharacteristic resolution as a way of forcing us to Continue reading “The Brutally Honest Truth about your New Year’s Resolution…”

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6 Tips for Coping With Family During the Holidays

You can choose your friends,

but not your family.

-Harper Lee
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As the holidays approach, no words ring more true! It’s such a crazy busy time filled with time honored traditions and gatherings that don’t differ much year after year.  I think that is part of the reason why stress levels are out of control. People know exactly who they are going to see, exactly which buttons are going to be pushed,  and exactly how long Continue reading “6 Tips for Coping With Family During the Holidays”

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9 Ways To Teach Your Child Gratitude This Holiday Season

Can we talk candidly for a moment? Nothing makes my skin crawl more than ungrateful children. You know, that child that you spend all day planning something special for who just turns around and asks for something BIGGER AND BETTER? I should have prefaced this by reiterating that I have a 4.5yr old rambunctious son who always wants something. Continue reading “9 Ways To Teach Your Child Gratitude This Holiday Season”

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3 Days Never Killed Anyone!

A Cleanse That Isn’t Really A Cleanse?

This girl is fake happy.  I was  fatigued, depressed and mysteriously gaining 15lbs. I knew I needed to change my life, but how?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘detoxing is so overrated’ or ‘if mother nature wanted me to cleanse, I wouldn’t need to buy anything’ or even, ‘you’re just losing water weight, what’s the point?’ To which I say, Yes! I agree with you! But let me ask you this… Continue reading “3 Days Never Killed Anyone!”

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2007 in St. John with my now husband. I was 122lbs and a size 2 but very unhealthy

Wait, isn’t’ your blog called “fit and freckled?” Why are you telling me about being unhealthy? 

Yes, indeed it is! I feel that it is really important to let you know that I wasn’t always fit or healthy. I need you to know this about me and understand that your desire to be healthier is easily achieved. I am not an expert nor I am not a body builder by any sense of the word. I am however consistent! #ConsistentAF. So settle in and hear my story, and really put yourself in my shoes. Health is attainable to you. If you are tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling sick and unhappy, tired of dreaming of more but not achieving more, I am here to help! Let my failures help guide you!

In my early 20’s I relied on my metabolism to stay fit like most CHILDREN. I drank way too much, ate the worst foods at the worst times of day and never, ever worked out. Continue reading “My SKINNY but UNHEALTHY past”

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Romantic Getaways after Kids

As I sit here writing to you I am two weeks away from my 7th wedding anniversary. You know, that pivotal time in any relationship where you can start to get bored…or worse. For some reason I thought the 7 year itch was like a midlife crisis for relationships. Where couples have been so bored by the daily Groundhog Day grind and need more…so they decide to do more, together or apart. I didn’t realize,  that the “apart” ALWAYS meant cheating. Continue reading “Romantic Getaways after Kids”